Data Backup / Recovery Solutions


Enterprise data is anything but uniform. Which is why your data protection, backup and recovery solution needs to cover the full range of data sources, file types, storage media and backup modes — from snapshots to streaming.

IT environments are comprised of an assortment of critical and non-critical systems. An end-to-end data protection platform that aligns the right technology for each system can help you lower costs and simplify business continuity.

For systems with minimal downtime tolerance, such as customer-facing or mission-critical applications, a high availability plan can ensure they’re always up and running. For less critical workloads, a more cost-effective backup-based disaster recovery solution might be just what you need.
data protection help you deploy the right kind of protection for any type of data. With all that diversity, the last thing you want is to maintain a single point solution for each distinct backup and recovery requirement. Our automated data protection solutions gives you a single, complete view of all your stored data no matter where it is — on-premises or in the cloud.