Rapid Detection Service (RDS)


Rapid Detection Service helps prepare your organization for advanced cyber-attacks, before and after they happen. Our handpicked managed services are designed to detect the most skilled of attackers, whether they're using malware or non-malware tactics, techniques, and procedures. It enables you to respond to threats promptly, with actionable guidance from our experts.

Sophisticated corporate cyber-attacks have become commonplace. They circumvent even the best-defended perimeters to disrupt services and steal your data. Once inside your systems, attackers will hide their presence and move laterally within your organization, harvesting valuable information. Infrastructure breaches can go unnoticed for weeks, months…even years.

A strong defensive perimeter is critical in defending against such attacks, but you can’t rely on defense alone. True cyber security starts with the assumption that an incident will eventually occur. It involves adaptive protection—a holistic process that integrates predictive, preventive, detective and responsive capabilities that work together to quickly identify, contain, and remediate cyber breaches.