Enterprise Wifi

What is a enterprise wifi network ?

Wi-Fi Protected Access-Enterprise (WPA-Enterprise) is a wireless security mechanism designed for small to large enterprise wireless networks. It is an enhancement to the WPA security protocol with advanced authentication and encryption

What is a enterprise wifi network ?

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction : Customers view WiFi access at your business as a necessity. ... More than merely meeting a common customer expectation, in-store wireless internet access is important because it helps you to connect with your customers, promoting your brand and engaging with them directly.

Advantages of Enterprise Wifi :

  • It allows you to connect multiple devices over one network. It keeps you from using your phones data. can connect from very far away from your modem without a long cable and much more. the only downside to wifi over LAN is that its slower.
  • Enterprise grade Wi-Fi delivers meaningful advantages that optimize the user experience, making it easier to manage and leverage the high traffic typical of business-based networks
  • Managing a poorly designed and maintained wireless WLAN is a frustrating and time-consuming task. Employees get irritated, work processes suffer, and there’s an overall sense of dissatisfaction company-wide when WiFi performance is poor.
  • Enterprise-class wireless hardware has the ability to perform as advertised as long as you follow some best practice guidelines.

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