VAPT / Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability analysis, also known as vulnerability assessment, is a process that defines, identifies, and classifies the security holes (vulnerabilities) in a computer, network, or communications infrastructure. In addition, vulnerability analysis can forecast the effectiveness of proposed countermeasures and evaluate their actual effectiveness after they are put into use.

What are the benefits of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing ?

  • Identifies vulnerabilities and risks in your web/mobile applications and networking infrastructure.
  • Quantifies the risk to the internal systems and confidential information.
  • Provides detailed remediation steps to detect existing flaws and prevent future attacks.
  • Validates the effectiveness of security and system updates/upgrades.
  • Protects the integrity of assets in case of existing malicious code hidden in any of them.
  • Helps to achieve and maintain compliance with applicable International and Federal regulations.

Vulnerability assessments often follow 5 steps :

  1. Determine the hardware and software assets in an environment
  2. Determine the quantifiable value (criticality) of these assets
  3. Identify the security vulnerabilities impacting the assets
  4. Determine a quantifiable threat or risk score for each vulnerability
  5. Mitigate the highest risk vulnerabilities from the most valuable assets

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