About Sun Systems

We constantly study the IT industry trends and keep an eye on solutions that fit market niches. We review the products strengths and market standing before introducing them to the market. We carry out extensive product assessment and testing, prior to adding them to our portfolio. Product selection is based on technical excellence, robustness and reliability. The product should be able to provide tangible business benefits and significant added value for our customers.

Our mission is to improve the security of our customers’ networks. Provide decision makers with expert advice in cyber compliance. Deliver quality and unparalleled service with every engagement.

Work Process

  • Meeting

    Meet and understand Customer's requirements and give suggestion for their requirements.

  • Planning

    Evaluate all requirements and clarify the scope of what needs to be done and develop the task list to do it.

  • Design

    Starting with what is needed, design takes towards how to satisfy the needs.

  • Implementation

    The system is built and tested to ensure it performs as designed and test it.

  • Maintainance

    System's availability and performance in executing the work for which it was designed is maintained.

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